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endeavors in a sentence

Marc Singer has continued to play a wide variety of roles, mostly on television, though he's still mostly known for his science fiction endeavors. My own endeavor would be nothing but calculative facticity. Mea Culpa: In a Sentence. : 2. Harris was a fisherman at heart, but he also had other interests and endeavors. During their business endeavors Dixon gets to meet Nelly and Snoop Dogg. Advertisement. Otiose: In a Sentence. 2 people chose this as the best definition of endeavor: Endeavor is defined as to... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. In order to be successful in this endeavor, help is needed in the form of monetary donations. The world can be changed by man's endeavor, and that this endeavor can lead to something new and better .No man can... 2. Although it can be tempting to send an expensive glossy brochure to each business in the hopes of impressing owners and gaining writing projects, this can be a costly endeavor. Our hero might be a rebel, eager to study forbidden magic, or exploring uncharted realms, but magic itself is a collection of knowledge that has benefitted from group endeavors. Thereupon, we knew, our endeavor was valuable. _In addition to being a great friend, you are a wonderful human being. Quinn was great at this given his past incomprehensible endeavors. It is more natural for man to receive incense at least passively, and endeavor to deserve it. Pronunciation of endeavors with 2 audio pronunciations, 14 translations, 4 sentences and more for endeavors. Really discern who your audience is, and you will meet great success with your chosen endeavor. Both projects are charitable endeavors, with a portion of proceeds being donated. I will endeavor to speak a good word for the truth. Searching for New York death records can be a complicated endeavor. The endeavor he faced was sure to be a difficult one. Cellular One, as its name implies, was in on the ground floor of this daunting new endeavor. The show follows Laguna Beach alum Lauren Conrad's journey through the fashion design world as she received her education, interned for Teen Vogue, and now has her own designing endeavors. In all of my recent endeavors, only once did I come close to achieving my goal.. In the latter event, the authority would endeavor to redeploy to work of a more suitable nature, wherever possible. In addition to her music career, Beyonce's been exploring other entrepreneurial endeavors. Let every one mind his own business, and endeavor to be what he was made. Moreover, because Kenneth Cole supports so many altruistic endeavors, you'll know that your money, at least in part, is going toward helping to make the world a better place. Francis E. Endeavor, at all times, to maximize client satisfaction. Use "endeavours" in a sentence. If you're wondering whether your treadmill routine isn't a sufficiently serious endeavor for you to consider the purchase of high-quality shoes, it's time to revisit the issue. We must constantly endeavour if we are to succeed. Juicy Couture bags are only one of many colorful endeavors within this massive fashion entity. provides support on a " best endeavors " basis. Of course, any Spielberg or Lucas endeavor is going to have top quality production values, and Lost Ark is no exception. CM 1654008 We wish him well in his future endeavors. We will make every endeavour to obtain sufficient supplies. Endeavor sentence examples. monopolize / chair should endeavor not to: Take the debate away from the audience by monopolizing the discussion. Endeavor in a sentence 1. Grammatically speaking, the sentence is correct, but its meaning is unclear. Buying your first home can be big endeavor. 2. In the Williston Church (Congregational), in Thomas Street, the Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor was founded in 1881 by the Rev. Finding the pendant designs in titanium and gold is a little harder than some other jewelry shopping endeavors. Perhaps we should endeavor to approach our problem together. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. They do not represent the opinions of But all his endeavors were in vain, and he almost despaired of finding her again. Rabbit's interest in creative endeavors can sometimes seem trivial to Rooster. Endeavor in a sentence 1. 8. Tom didn’t know how he was going to raise the money he needed, but he would endeavor to find it somehow. business endeavor in a sentence - Use "business endeavor" in a sentence 1. Cutting the strings between you and someone you've cared about is never an easy endeavor, even if it is necessary. While buying foreclosed houses takes time, effort and careful research, it can be a very profitable endeavor. Endeavor basically means an "attempt" or to "try" at something. The College will use all reasonable endeavors to deliver courses in accordance with the descriptions set out in the prospectus. Many other cable stations, including VH1, have attempted to create similar programming for a slightly older viewing audience, but this 18-25 set continues to be the prime target area for such endeavors. By selling only shearlings, we endeavor to supply livestock which will achieve a long breeding life span. Gluing and paper punching may be a big part of your card making endeavors, but crafters often find themselves using other techniques that they may already know. He used every endeavor possible to dissuade them from entering. The young star talked to LoveToKnow Celebrities about her childhood, her life in Hollywood, and her upcoming endeavors. endeavor. Endeavor quotes from YourDictionary: Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer. 6. While England endeavors to cure the potato-rot, will not any endeavor to cure the brain-rot, which prevails so much more widely and fatally? Besides her musical endeavors, Sheryl Crow is also a political activist focusing her energy on global warming and international relations. GoLite: Clothing and accessories for nature's most active endeavors are the cornerstones of GoLite. Nobili endeavors to approach her. Endeavor basically means an "attempt" or to "try" at something. 0. The endeavor he faced was sure to be a difficult one. _In addition to being a great friend, you are a wonderful human being. selected for an interview, we will endeavor to notify you within ten days of receiving your application. So you could also use it like this: The man endeavors to keep all the chickens in the barn. Time for change: Consider life-changing endeavors that may positively impact your life and your career, such as education, travel and relocating. Examples of endeavor in a sentence, how to use it. 19 editor-approved samples. Contact the company directly to arrange for your professional wholesale endeavors. Blocking individual numbers from contacting you can become a costly endeavor if your carrier charges hefty fees, but some phones already have this feature. definitions. LoveToKnow Sci Fi thanks Kevin Anderson for his time in providing readers and fans with his feedback and advice about being a Science Fiction author, and LTK will be following his future endeavors closely. The clothes are sold, and this helps to fund job training opportunities and other career service oriented endeavors for people who need that extra bit of help getting started in the working world. Any such endeavor would seem clumsy and, as in this case, frankly incredible. Bon Voyage and All the best to you, Good soul. His other endeavors include attempting to get a clothing line and nightclub off the ground. As with any diet endeavor, you should seek the advice of a medical professional before embarking. Love To Know Soap Operas would like to thank Ashley Jones for taking the time to chat with us and to wish her nothing but good luck in her future endeavors. Answering questions or at least asking them is the basis of all scholarly endeavor. The triumph of standing before Alice Yorke and offering her the reward of his endeavor was gone. The transition from highly recognizable fashion to genuine high fashion is an expensive endeavor. Show More Sentences In any endeavour , we can all appear to be world-beaters if we are opposed by people less gifted than ourselves. Trainees ought to endeavor to observe proper etiquette at all times. With that being said, it's best to go into your nesting endeavors with the mindset of your baby. From community grants to individual grants, there is a grant for almost every endeavor, including housing. Pursuing this endeavor, the world was then introduced to the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972. Steve Jobs was committed and driven in his endeavor to build the Apple brand. 25 examples: Ways of doing things, ways of talking, beliefs, values, power relations - in… But then commentators in every sphere of human endeavor do this every day. Endeavours in a sentence. Not only can designing your own mask be a creative endeavor, it's a great way to entertain small children or to pack a cold and blustery winter day with fun. Many physical boutique locations start out as someone's dream, and so you are supporting someone's small business and ideal endeavor with every ring of the cash register. An example of endeavor is to work to read the entire Bible. Here are examples of the word/phrase "endeavors" used in a sentence and paraphrased in a sentence...I made several endeavors to meet with her but she was too busy.. I thought him very uncharitable, saying in my heart, " What, are not my endeavors a sufficient ground of hope? We will also endeavor to get the winning films screened on television. Bon Voyage and All the best to you, Good soul. It is a teaching endeavor. While there are many excellent courses offered online, others are mostly run as profit-making endeavors for people who care very little about academic achievement. The false move made by Dr. damar Greefe had advanced the inquiry further than any unaided endeavors of mine could well have done. The sigil method is often approached as if it were a ' one size fits all ' solution to every magical endeavor. I found that it was as well for me to rest on my oars and wait his reappearing as to endeavor to calculate where he would rise; for again and again, when I was straining my eyes over the surface one way, I would suddenly be startled by his unearthly laugh behind me. (0) Act of endeavouring; effort. Challenging spiritual endeavors could prove to be beneficial. Armageddon finishes off the story for every Mortal Kombat character, so it is quite the endeavor. If sin be discovered, but not mortified; if there be no endeavor to get it removed. We will always endeavor to comply with the data protection act In a hurry? LoveToKnow Soap Operas would like to thank Taylor Spreitler for taking the time to speak with us, and wishes her continued success on Days of Our Lives and in all of her future endeavors. We wish her and Scott great success in their future endeavors. Disposable needles and tubes: While the quantity of disposable tubes and needles varies, most sets include an ample amount to begin your tattoo endeavor. Remember, your marriage, at least in the beginning, was the corner stone and foundation for all your other endeavors, so it behooves you to make time with your spouse count. Baking soda is very useful for all sorts of cleaning endeavors. Perhaps we should endeavor to approach our problem together. For minor faults, engineers endeavor to respond within 24 hours. 3. 203. 4. Best endeavors is a phrase commonly found in commercial contracts that places an obligation on the identified party to use all efforts necessary to fulfill the terms set out. Rather than wait till Halloween to encourage your youngsters to indulge in their fantasies, stock a treasure chest with the following supplies for daily role playing endeavors. Its inherent simplicity makes it an endeavor that can work for anyone as long as you are committed to changing your prior eating habits. Scorpio: Scorpio will be right behind you Virgo, cheering you on in any endeavor. Cynthia still looked unconvinced at the sanity of endeavor but agreed to be a spectator. I endeavor to produce hollow forms, vessels and sculptural pieces which I hope reflect a lifelong love and veneration of trees. They, therefore, endeavor, and that consistently, to deaden the class struggle and to reconcile the class antagonisms. It can be a very tricky endeavor. This is one of the most successful marketing endeavors of all time. Please make every endeavour to arrive punctually. So you could also use it like this: The man endeavors to keep all the chickens in the barn. Perhaps this is partly an " artistic " or surreal endeavor as well as an overtly occult action. bioterrorism experts in the country helping us in this endeavor. 4. While many people are attracted to the independence and creative freedom associated with a freelance writing career, it's important to remember that a writing business is still a business just like any other entrepreneurial endeavor. He received, however, no appointment to Kutuzov's staff despite all Anna Mikhaylovna's endeavors and entreaties. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has 15 guiding principles that define their charitable work and grant making endeavors. Let it now be seen what your endeavors in the path of detachment will reveal. We endeavor to keep you informed of any delay to your expected delivery date. Plus, at the end, I will use a mnemonic device to show you an easy … 2. Building an American Girl Doll collection can be an expensive endeavor. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Hazarding a guess as to the other components would be a foolish endeavor. 25 examples: Ways of doing things, ways of talking, beliefs, values, power relations - in… In addition to numerous local appearances, Scott devoted a great deal of time to charitable endeavors including serving as a founding board member of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center. She explains that, in Japan, the cherry blossom is a metaphor for life, making it a perfect symbol for her endeavor and her attitude toward healthy, beautiful skin. This isn't Mr. Clooney's first endeavor into social and political activism. Getting a tattoo is typically a lifelong endeavor, so be sure to get going on the right foot. LondonJobs will use its reasonable endeavors to publish the advertisement or provide the Services on the agreed date. The more people involved with your endeavor, the more profits you can expect to bring in for your cause. This is very difficult to come by, and if you need a soap opera scene for a production or any other professional endeavor, it is best to write your own. The future of his endeavor will be determined during upcoming meetings between his representatives and city officials. prairie muffin award for my kitchen endeavors!

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