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who is the audience in mother tongue by amy tan

Amy Tan has written several books including the hundred secret senses, thekitchen god’s wife, and bonesetter’s daughter, etc. Right away, I identified her audience as the general public, specifically those reading The Threepenny Reviews since this is where her paper was published. In the essay, Mother Tongue by Amy Tan, the main point the author is trying to make is that when you write something you must think about the people that will read it later. Conclusion Development and Structure Restate Thesis: In Amy Tan's essay Mother Tongue it is quite evident that one's communication skills are fundamental, otherwise one may be perceived in the wrong way. Tan’s first novel. by Amy Tan. Tan says that she uses different English while speaking to her mother in comparison to while giving a speech to people. Tan talks about her mother having limited English, since that people give her less priority than needed. I am fascinated by language in daily life. The audience who read "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan was her mother and other mothers because both of her stories were about mothers. The article “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan addresses the issue of language can vary in structure depending on the audience in any speech. Mother tongue, written by Amy Tan provides a description of the forms of English languages adapted by different individuals during their migration to the United States of America and their adjustment to the American culture. In other words, mother tongue is called first language or the dominant language an individual can have over other he has had to learn over time. Mother Tongue Tiffany Buonvino ENG 121: English Composition I Sharon Linne September 28, 2020. She goes on to observe that her usage of language is influenced by the context or the target audience. Being a Chinese American, she explores the history of her family and the assessment given to her and her mother by others judging from the level of proficiency in English they had. In the essay, she successfully expresses all three of rhetorical styles such as logos, ethos, and pathos. Amy Tan's Mother Tongue In Mother Tongue, Amy Tan talks about how language influenced her life while growing up. This nonfiction narrative essay was originally given as a talk during the 1989 State of the Language Symposium; it was later published by The Threepenny Review in 1990. She is Asian … Her mother speaks “broken” English language, but they communicate clearly (Tan). She also speaks smart English, but she also speaks her childhood English. So, the next one would be easy for them. Tan also balances each part of the rhetorical triangle very effective and thoughtful essay. In “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan conveys all three methods of rhetoric, ethos, logos, and pathos. Tan mentions how her experience are different form her mother's because she is able to speak the public language well, while her mother has a harder time communicating with others. For these reasons, we cover a wide range of different topics. Reading Amy Tan’s literature piece, Mother Tongue, I was able to make personal connections to what was being presented in these writing. July 18, 2016 July 19, 2016 Emmanuel Mason. However, after further analysis, I see she could have been targeting specific groups. How the broken speech of her mother has had an influence on her life. The main idea of Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue" is the limitations that imperfect English can impose in society and the richness that such English can bring to writing. In this essay, she explores the role of English in her relationship with her mother. She examines certain aspects of the language she speaks and writes, against the language her mother speaks and writes. The author, Tan, has written the books The Joy Luck Club, and The Kitchen God's Wife. She loves writing and thinks about how language influences everything. If Amy Tan Mother Tongue essay will seem to you to short and not full, we can expand it. Amy Tan's essay is almost too freakishly relatable to me. Amy describes how we speak differently to family compared to how we speak to people out in public. The first line I was able to connect with was, “Recently, I was made keenly aware of the different Englishes I do use” (pg 76). Mother Tongue by Amy Tan – Key Points and summary. Section 1. paragraph 1 – She’s not a genius in the English language. Amy Tan starts her narrative by stating that while she is not a scholar of English or literature, she uses the language in its varied richness to tell stories and write fiction. The audience who will be reading my essay will be my husband for direct criticism, my instructor and a group of my peers. This argument made by Amy Tan throughout in the story “Mother Tongue”. Tan also wrote the essay “Mother Tongue” ayear later when she published the Joy Luck Club book. Tan has observed the culture clash between the two countries of her heritage for most of her life, and her writing often reflects it. Implicit Thesis. Tan’s purpose was to show us how language separates, unites, or isolates those who don’t speak the common way as well as others. Analysis of "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan In the narrative essay, “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, the author sets out the story between her mother, whose English is her second language, and Tan herself can speak native English very well. Summary: “Mother Tongue” “Mother Tongue” explores Amy Tan’s relationship with the English language, her mother, and writing. Amy Tan talks about her Mother’s spoken English and how many people would describe it as “broken English”. I am not a scholar of English or literature. Mother Tongue is an essay by Amy Tan describing her life with her mother in America. In her essay “Mother Tongue,”Amy Tan raises these issues of linguistic dominance. In the text Tan uses a variety of stylistic devices to express herself, tans use of really structures is used frequently throughout the piece, for example she starts the first paragraph with the phrase “I am not a scholar of English” and the second with “I am a writer”; this contrast implies to the audience that you don’t have to know everything about English to be a writer. In “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan bequeaths readers with an insight into her world of writing and her perpetual devotion to better her adroitness with the English language. I spend a great deal of my time thinking about the power of language – the way it can evoke an emotion, a visual image, a complex idea, or a simple truth” (Tan 299). Amy Tan, “Mother Tongue” by jiinlee In my personal opinion, the audiences of Tan’s essay “Mother Tongue” are two groups of people: One is the group of Asian Americans who might have felt the same way as she had, that is, who might have thought that their Asian parents use ‘broken’ or ‘fractured’ English and felt ashamed of their Englsih. After reading Amy Tan’s essay “Mother Tongue”, I have come to several conclusions. Amy Tan uses pathos, ethos, and logos to prove her mother tongue substantially assisted … She gives numerous examples of different language from the different influences in her life. I am a writer. Amy Tan’s short story, “Mother Tongue” is an admirable tale that discusses the implied meaning of languages and how language is not only a device of communication, but a social tool of measuring an individuals’ worth. Her mother can understands every word that fluent English speaker says, however, it is hard for her to express her words. Amy Tan (born to Chinese immigrants) audience-mom is the audience of her story-first time mom was in the audience and it made her think about the different definitions of English-her mom finished reading and said "So easy to read" purpose. In this lesson, you learned about Amy Tan's essay, ''Mother Tongue''. Tan's intended audience are people like her mother such as immigrants who have fractured English and different dialects. The presumption that individuals treat the other person differently along with disrespect when one cannot talk English is categorical truth. Our writers once were students. Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue" supports James Baldwin's argument that language "reveals the private identity, and connects one with, or divorces one from, the larger, public, or communal identity" (Baldwin). The direct feedback from my audience will help me to improve my essay writing skills and to take criticism better. Amy Tan tells the story of how she becomes to have a strong natural love for language. Our Thesis: Proper communication skills are vital for She uses language to evoke emotions, visual images, communicate complex ideas, or convey simple truths. Tan's purpose is to show how her mother's tongue affected her English in order to improve her own English. In this essay, Amy Tan talks about howlanguage influenced her life while growing up with her mother.“Mother Tongue,” is one of the essays written by Amy Tan. paragraph 2 – She is a writer. In essence, this paper seeks to analyze the essay Mother Tongue by Amy Tan, in which various aspects of language and rhetorical evaluation are detailed. Her parents moved to the United States from China a few years before her arrival. The presumption that people treat one another differently and with disrespect when one does not speak English is categorical truth. Mother Tongue. Tan shows logos, or logic, by her analogies to her mother as well. The piece has a strong depiction of the Asian American struggles through the adaptation of the English language. Amy Tan's essay "Mother Tongue" discusses the way that language changes, and the ways it stays the same, inside contexts of immigration and … In Amy Tan's narrative essay "Mother Tongue" (1990), Tan explains to her audience that she was introduced to the English language in many ways. For ethos, or credibility, Tan makes personal references to her mother and factual events, as well as a description of her own accomplishments, which give credibility to her and her work. Amy has a keen grip on “proper” English, most likely due to her being raised in America. Tan stocks her tale of how hard it's on her behalf mother to communicate with other people. ''Mother Tongue'': Further Analysis. Through pathos she explains to her audience how her experiences with her mother and the Chinese language she came to realize who she wanted to be and how she wanted to write. Tan shares her story of how difficult it is for her mother to communicate with others. In Amy Tan’s essay, Mother Tongue, Tan discusses her struggles growing up as an Asian-American born to Chinese immigrants. In the beginning of Amy Tan’s narrative, “Mother Tongue” she states, “I am someone who has always loved language. Tan elaborates this idea by scrutinizing her mother's language, her own use of English and society's response to different people's English usage. I am fascinated by language in daily life. “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan is a personal essay written in the first person point of view that tells the audience a story of a non-English speaker. In the essay, “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan analyses how the societies judge people by the way they speak. And by that definition, I am someone who has always loved language. I cannot give you much more than personal opinions on the English language and its variations in this country or others. The essay covers the tonal shift of Amy Tan 's psychological change, from grudge to understanding. Amy Tan was born in Oakland, Calif., in 1952. I would say the only different things about us is that I'm Vietnamese instead of Chinese. Our writers have already made a huge amount of custom writing papers. Mother Tongue Amy Tan Thesis Mother tongue is a term that can refer to another person’s native language; this is the language that he or she was brought up knowing from birth. We can deal with any type of service and essay. “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan is your own essay written in the 1st person standpoint that tells the audience a story of a non-English speaker.

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