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virgil georgic iv

[4,480] Bien plus, la stupeur saisit les demeures elles-mêmes et les profondeurs Tartaréennes de la Mort, et les Euménides aux cheveux entrelacés de serpents d'azur; Cerbère retint, béant, ses trois gueules, et la roue d'Ixion s'arrêta avec le vent qui la faisait tourner. ; it was read to Augustus on his return from the east. Whence did man’s strange adventuring take its rise? Therefore the keepers bathe the whole flock in fresh streams; the ram is plunged in the pool with his dripping fleece, and let loose to float down the current. Let the spangled lizard with his scaly back be also a stranger to the rich stalls, and the bee-eater and other birds, and Procne [the swallow], with breast marked by her blood-stained hands. [1] You, too, great Pales, we will sing, and you, famed shepherd of Amphyrus [Apollo], and you, woods and streams of Lycaeus. Voici que pour la seconde fois les destins cruels me rappellent en arrière et que le sommeil ferme mes yeux flottants. And now farewell! Aussitôt donc qu'elles ont trouvé un beau jour de printemps et les plaisirs de l'air libre de nuages, elle s'élancent hors des portes, et c'est le corps à corps; au haut des airs retentit leur fracas; confondues, elles s'assemblent en un rond immense [4,80] et tombent précipitées; la grêle n'est pas plus serrée dans l'air, et les glands qui pleuvent de l'yeuse qu'on secoue ne sont pas plus nombreux. [4,130] Là pourtant, au milieu de broussailles, il avait planté des légumes espacés, que bordaient des lis blancs, des verveines et le comestible pavot; avec ces richesses, il s'égalait, dans son âme, aux rois; et quand, tard dans la nuit, il rentrait au logis, il chargeait sa table de mets qu'il n'avait point achetés. But surely the madness of mares surpasses all. …Menelaus; in Virgil’s telling (Georgics, Book IV) it was Aristaeus who tried to hold Proteus. Following the counsel of Heaven, we are come to seek hence an oracle for our weary fortunes.” So much he spoke. Virgil's first work, published in 37, was the "Eclogues", or "Bucolics", ten short poems in hexameters in the 'pastoral' style of the Greek poet Theocritus. Soon, when his power is mustered and his strength renewed, he advances the colours, and dashes headlong on his unmindful foe: as, when a wave begins to whiten in mid-sea, from the farther deep it arches its curve, and, rolling shoreward, roars thundering along the reefs, and, huge as a very mountain, falls prone, while from below the water boils up in eddies, and tosses black sand aloft. I first, if life but remain, will return to my country, bringing the Muses with me in triumph from the Aonian peak; first I will bring back to you, Mantua, the palms of Idumaea, and on the green plain will set up a temple in marble beside the water, where great Mincius wanders in lazy windings and fringes his banks with slender reeds. But if you fear a rigorous winter, and would be lenient with their future, and have pity for their crushed spirits and broken fortunes – yet who would hesitate to fumigate them with thyme, and cut away the empty waxen cells? For of a sudden he will become a bristly boar, a deadly tiger, a scaly serpent, or a lioness with tawny neck; or he will give forth the fierce roar of flame, and thus slip from his fetters, or he will melt into fleeting water and be gone. Enough this for the herds; there remains the second part of my task, to tend the fleecy flocks and shaggy goats. GEORGICS I AND IV H. H. HUXLEY: Virgil: Georgics i and iv. And as, when the Cyclopes in haste forge bolts from tough ore, some with oxhide bellows make the blasts come and go, others dip the hissing brass in the lake, while Aetna groans under the anvils laid upon her; they, with mighty force, now one, now another, raise their arms in measured cadence, and turn the iron with gripping tongs – even so, if we may compare small things with great, an inborn love of gain spurs on the Attic bees, each after its own office. Les unes, en effet, veillent à la subsistance, et, fidèles au pacte conclu, se démènent dans les champs; les autres, restées dans les enceintes de leurs demeures, [4,160] emploient la larme du narcisse et la gomme gluante de l'écorce pour jeter les premières assises des rayons, puis elles y suspendent leurs cires compactes; d'autres font sortir les adultes, espoir de la nation; d'autres épaississent le miel le plus pur et gonflent les alvéoles d'un limpide nectar. I myself, when the sun has kindled his noonday heat, when the grass is athirst, and the shade is now welcome to the flock, will guide you to the aged one’s retreat, whither when weary he retires, so that you may assail him with ease as he lies asleep. The Thessalian Lapiths, mounting the horse’s back, gave us the bit and the circling course, and taught the horseman, in full armour, to gallop over the earth and round his proud paces. No longer now can the rider’s rein or the cruel lash stay his course, nor rocks and hollow cliffs, nay, nor opposing rivers, that tear up mountains and hurl them down the wave. Aussi, bien que leur vie soit renfermée en des bornes étroites (car elles ne vivent pas plus de sept étés), leur race, elle, demeure immortelle; la fortune de la famille subsiste pendant nombre d'années, et l'on compte les aïeux de leurs aïeux. 5 Some of these questions are keenly and pointedly phrased by R. Coleman, "Gallus, the Bucolics, and the Ending of the Fourth Georgic," A. J. P., LXXXIII (1962), pp. Wretched Envy shall cower before the Furies and Hell’s stern stream, before the snaky bonds and ghastly wheel of Ixion, and the stone beyond the tricker’s mastering [Sisyphus]. they flee over rocks and crags and lowly dales, not towards your rising, East Wind, nor the Sun’s, but to the North, and the Northwest, or thither whence rises the blackest South, saddening the sky with chilly rain. Protée, de son côté, n'oublie pas ses artifices, [4,440] il se transforme en toutes sortes d'objets merveilleux, feu, bête horrible, eau limpide qui s'enfuit. This is the whole cause of the sickness, and hence it is that the Nymphs, with whom she used to tread the dance in the deep groves, have sent this wretched havoc on your bees. And well I now how hard it is to win with words a triumph herein, and thus to crown with glory a lowly theme. tandis que sa vie fuyait, et, tout le long du fleuve, les rives répétaient en écho : "Eurydice ! Transportées alors de je ne sais quelle douceur de vivre, elles choyent leurs couvées et leurs nids; elles façonnent alors avec art la cire nouvelle et composent un miel consistant. 55 ff., especially ". They alone know a fatherland and fixed home, and in summer, mindful of the winter to come, spend toilsome days and garner their gains into a common store. Puis on cherche un veau, dont le front de deux ans porte déjà des cornes en croissant; [4,300] on lui bouche, malgré sa résistance, les deux naseaux et l'orifice de la respiration, et quand il est tombé sous les coups, on lui meurtrit les viscères pour les désagréger sans abîmer la peau. On they press with circling lash, bending forward to slacken rein; fiercely flies the glowing wheel. Admiranda tibi levium spectacula rerum magnanimosque duces totiusque ordine gentis 5 mores et studia et populos et proelia dicam. [4,260] On entend alors un bruit plus grave, et elles murmurent, sans interruption : tel mugit parfois le froid Auster dans les forêts; telle frémit la mer agitée lorsque les vagues refluent; tel, dans la fournaise close, bouillonne le feu vorace. Round the groves of Silarus and the green holm oaks of Alburnus swarms a fly, whose Roman name is asilus, but the Greeks have called it in their speech oestrus [the gladfly]. His works include the Aeneid, an twelve book epic describing the founding of Latium by the Trojan hero Aeneas, and two pastoral poems--Eclogues and Georgics. On rushes the great Sabine boar; he whets his tusks, his foot paws the ground in front, he rubs his sides against a tree, and on either flank hardens his shoulders against wounds. Ghastly Tisiphone rages, and, let forth into light from Stygian gloom, drives before her Disease and Dread, while day by day, uprising, she rears still higher her greedy head. The age to bear motherhood and lawful wedlock ends before the tenth year, and begins after the fourth; the rest of their life is neither fit for breeding nor strong for the plough. On this the seer, yielding at last to mighty force, rolled on him eyes ablaze with grey-green light, and grimly gnashing his teeth, thus opened his lips to tell of fate’s decrees: [453] “It is a god, no other, whose anger pursues you: Great is the crime you are paying for; this punishment, far less than you deserve, unhappy Orpheus arouses against you – did not Fate interpose – and rages implacably for the loss of his bride. On conte qu'il pleura durant sept mois entiers sous une roche aérienne, aux bords du Strymon désert, charmant les tigres et entraînant les chênes avec son chant. But sweet desire hurries me over the lonely steeps of Parnassus; joyous it is to roam o’er heights, where no forerunner’s track turns by a gentle slope down to Castalia. Or whither is your love for me banished? 29 BC THE GEORGICS by Virgil GEORGIC I GEORGIC II GEORGIC III GEORGIC IV GEORGIC I What makes the cornfield smile; beneath what star Maecenas, it is meet to turn the sod Or marry elm with vine; how tend the steer; What pains for cattle-keeping, or what proof Of patient trial serves for thrifty […] read more APR 30, 2012 - 4:49 pm Aeneid I: Aeneid II: Aeneid III: Aeneid IV: Aeneid V: Aeneid VI: Aeneid VII: Aeneid VIII ‎The Georgics Virgil, Ancient Roman poet of the Augustan period (70-19 BC) This ebook presents «The Georgics», from Virgil. By Virgil About this Poet Publius Vergilius Maro was a classical Roman poet, best known for three major works—the Bucolics (or Eclogues ), the Georgics , and the Aeneid —although several minor poems are also attributed to him. [284] But time meanwhile is flying, flying beyond recall, while we, charmed with love of our theme, linger around each detail! [72] Likewise for your breed of horses is the same choice needed. What has been described as "the earliest English georgic on any subject" limited itself to practical advice on gardening. Slight is the field of toil; but not slight the glory, if adverse powers leave one free, and Apollo hearkens unto prayer. This plant’s roots you must boil in fragrant wine, and set for food at their doors in full baskets. Foul scab attacks sheep, when chilly rain and winter, bristling with hoar frost, have sunk deep into the quick, or when the sweat, unwashed, clings to the shorn flock, and prickly briars tear the flesh. Who knows not pitiless Eurystheus, or the altars of detested Busiris? Ces mœurs ont fait penser que les abeilles participaient de l'âme divine, qui anime tous les êtres [4,219-227], Récolte du miel au printemps et à l'automne [4,228-238], Autres soins pour encourager les abeilles [4,239-250], Comment reconnaître et soigner leurs maladies [4,251-280]. En même temps, elle prie l'Océan, père des choses, et les Nymphes soeurs qui gardent cent forêts et qui gardent cent fleuves; trois fois elle versa le limpide nectar sur Vesta embrasée; trois fois un jet bouillant de flamme s'élança au sommet de la voûte. PL IV, 773-5, VII, 625-32, VIII, 280-2, IX, 681-2) bear directly on the knotty question … [219] Let by such tokens and such instances, some have taught that the bees received a share of the divine intelligence, and a draught of heavenly ether; for God, they saw, pervades all things, earth and sea’s expanse and heaven’s depth; from him the flocks and herds, men and beasts of every sort draw, each at birth, the slender stream of life; to him all beings thereafter return, and, when unmade, are restored; no place is there for death, but, still quick, they fly unto the ranks of the stars, and mount to the heavens aloft. Elles ne s'éloignent pas trop de leurs demeures quand la pluie menace, ni ne se hasardent dans le ciel à l'approche des Eurus; mais à l'abri des remparts de leur ville, elles vont faire de l'eau aux alentours et tentent de brèves excursions; souvent elles emportent de petits cailloux, qui leur permettent de se maintenir en équilibre dans le vide des nuées, comme ces barques instables que le lest maintient sur le flot qui les secoue. Because Proteus could assume whatever shape he pleased, he came to be regarded by some as a symbol of the original matter from which the world was created. Il entra même aux gorges du Ténare, portes profondes de Dis, et dans le bois obscur à la noire épouvante, et il aborda les Mânes, leur roi redoutable, et ces coeurs qui ne savent pas s'attendrir aux prières humaines. Tandis que, charmées par ce chant, elles déroulent la laine molle de leurs fuseaux, une seconde fois la plainte d'Aristée vint frapper les oreilles de sa mère, et, sur leurs sièges de verre, toutes restèrent stupéfaites; [4,350] mais plus prompte que ses autres soeurs, Aréthuse, regardant d'où le bruit partait, éleva sa tête blonde à la surface de l'onde, et de loin : "Oh ! See you not how a trembling thrills through the steed’s whole frame, if the scent has but brought him the familiar breezes? Mais je veux d'abord te dire point par point la façon dont on les implore. Lorsqu'on fut parvenu sous la voûte de la chambre d'où pendaient des pierres ponces, et que Cyrène eut appris les vains pleurs de son fils, les nymphes soeurs lui donnent tour à tour des flots d'une onde limpide pour qu'il se lave les mains, et lui présentent des serviettes dont la peluche a été rasée; d'autres chargent les tables de mets et y posent des coupes pleines; les encens de Panchaïe brûlent sur les autels. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE. In his honour I, a victor resplendent in Tyrian purple, will drive a hundred four-horse chariots beside the stream. Among these Clymene was telling of Vulcan’s baffled care, of the wiles and stolen joys of Mars, and from Chaos on was rehearsing the countless loves of the gods. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion For often the newt, unnoticed, has nibbled at the combs, the light-shunning beetles cram the chambers, and the unhelpful drone seats him at another’s board. The best-formed cow is fierce looking, her head ugly, her neck thick, and her dewlaps hanging down from chin to legs. From its fount I will unfold the whole story, tracing it back from its first source. A double ridge runs along his loins; his hoof scoops out the ground, and the solid horn gives it a deep ring. But in midday heat let them seek out a shady dell, anywhere that Jove’s mighty oak with its ancient trunk stretches out giant branches, or where some grove, black with many holms, lies brooding with hallowed shade. [394] But let him who longs for milk bring with his own hand lucerne and lotus in plenty and slated herbage to the stalls. Prices in GBP apply to orders placed in Great Britain only. Of air-born honey, gift of heaven, I now Take up the tale. For some watch over the gatherings of food, and under fixed covenant labour in the fields; some, within the confines of their homes, lay down the narcissus’ tears and gluey gum from tree bark as the first foundation of the comb, then hang aloft clinging wax; others lead out the full-grown young, the nation’s hope; others pack purest honey, and swell the cells with liquid nectar. [440] Diseases, too, their causes and tokens, I will teach you. On this part, too, of my task, Maecanas, look with favour. Further, even change of pasture avails no more; the remedies sought work harm; masters in the art fail, Chiron, son of Phillyra, and Melampus, Amythaon’s son. Venus herself inspired their frenzy, when the four Potnian steeds tore with their jaws the limbs of Glaucus. My brows graced with leaves of cut olive, I myself will award the prizes. Even so, planting cabbages here and there among the brambles, and white lilies and vervain and fine-seeded poppies, in happiness he equaled the wealth of kings, and returning home late at night he used to load his table with an unbought banquet. Meantime the moisture, warming in the softened bones, ferments, and creatures of wondrous wise to view, footless at first, soon with buzzing wings as well, swarm together, and more and more essay the light air, until, like a shower pouring from summer clouds, they burst forth, or like arrows from the string’s rebound, when the light-armed Parthians enter on the opening battle. If you are interested in the title for your course we can consider offering an examination copy. One of the earliest extensive treatises on beekeeping was written by Virgil in 29 BC (Virgil’s Georgic IV): Of air-born honey, gift of heaven, I now Take up the tale…. Cultural contexts [edit | edit source] . The aged have charge o the towns, the building of the hives, the fashioning of the cunningly wrought houses. no more.’ She spoke, and straightway from his sight, like smoke mingling with thin air, vanished afar and saw him not again, as he vainly clutched at the shadows with so much left unsaid; nor did the ferryman of Orcus suffer him again to pass the barrier of the marsh. First Georgic [excerpt] Virgil. Some load the board with the feast, and in turn set on the brimming cups; the altars blaze up with Panchaean fires. [4,470] Alors, émues par ses chants, du fond des séjours de l'Érèbe, on put voir s'avancer les ombres minces et les fantômes des êtres qui ne voient plus la lumière, aussi nombreux que les milliers d'oiseaux qui se cachent dans les feuilles, quand le soir ou une pluie d'orage les chasse des montagnes : des mères, des maris, des corps de héros magnanimes qui se sont acquittés de la vie, des enfants, des jeunes filles qui ne connurent point les noces, des jeunes gens mis sur des bûchers devant les yeux de leurs parents, autour de qui s'étendent le limon noir et le hideux roseau du Cocyte, et le marais détesté avec son onde paresseuse qui les enserre, et le Styx qui neuf fois les enferme dans ses plis. [531] Only at that time, they say, were cattle in those regions sought in vain for the rites of Juno, and chariots were drawn by ill-matched buffaloes to her lofty treasure house [at Argos]. Déjà, revenant sur ses pas, il avait échappé à tous les périls, et Eurydice lui étant rendue s'en venait aux souffles d'en haut en marchant derrière son mari (car telle était la loi fixée par Proserpine), quand un accès de démence subite s'empara de l'imprudent amant - démence bien pardonnable, si les Mânes savaient pardonner ! [281] But if anyone’s whole stock has failed him, and he knows not how to restore the race in a new line, then it is also time to reveal the famed device of the Arcadian master [Aristaeus], and the mode whereby often, in the past, the putrid blood of slain bullocks has engendered bees. Then at last, when the colts are now broken, let their bodies wax plump with coarse mash; for ere the breaking they will raise their mettle too high, and when caught will scorn to submit to the pliant lash, or obey the cruel curb. Therefore men painfully scratch the earth with harrows, with their own nails bury the seed, and over the high hills with straining necks drag the creaking wains. For the sight of the female slowly inflames and wastes his strength, nor, look you, does she, with her soft enchantments, suffer him to remember woods or pastures; oft she drives her proud lovers to settle their mutual contest with clash of horns. [384] If wool be your care, first clear away the prickly growth of burs and caltrops; shun rich pastures, and from the first choose flocks with white, soft fleeces. VIRGIL GEORGIC I. [95] Yet even such a steed do you shut up in the stalls when he begins to fail, worn with disease and burdened with years; and pity not his inglorious old age, though of the has driven the foe in flight and claims Epirus or valiant Mycenae for his birthplace, and traces his line to Neptune himself for founder. He comes to the shrine, raises the altars appointed, and leads there four choice bulls, of surpassing form, and as many heifers of unyoked neck. Additional Physical Format: Online version: Virgil. The seals lay them down to sleep, here and there along the shore; he himself – even as at times the warder of a sheepfold on the hills, when Vesper brings the steers home from pasture, and the cry of bleating lambs whets the wolf’s hunger – sits down on a rock in the midst and counts their number. net. -- (2000) Virgil on the nature of things. Nor is it the rivals’ wont to herd together, but the vanquished one departs, and dwells an exile in unknown scenes afar. Lo! It has availed to pour in wine-juice through a horn inserted – this seemed the one hope for the dying. Then on every side amid gladsome herbage the young cows die or yield up sweet life by their full folds. If you are interested in the title for your course we can consider offering an examination copy. Publius Vergilius Maro (70 BCE-19 BCE), later called Virgilius, and known in English as Virgil or Vergil, was a classical Roman poet. There is, too, that deadly serpent in Calabria’s glades [water snake], wreathing its scaly back, its breast erect, and its long belly mottled with large spots. But the ram, however white be his fleece, if he have but a black tongue under his moist palate, cast out, lest with dusky spots he tarnish the coats of the newborn lambs; and look about for another in your teeming field. With this omen to cheer his heart, she thus her self began: [387] “In Neptune’s Carpathian flood there dwells a seer, Proteus, of sea-green hue, who traverses the mighty main in his car drawn by fishes and a team of two-footed steeds. THIS unpretending edition is designed for sixth forms and for pass students: it should meet their immediate needs. Virgil's Georgics is a glorious celebration of the eternal beauty of the natural world, now brought vividly to life in a powerful new translation. He is the guardian of their toils; to him they do reverence; all stand round him in clamorous crowd, and attend him in throngs. I’ll begin to sing of what keeps the wheat fields happy, Virgil (70 BC–19 BC) - The Georgics: Book I [210] Moreover, neither Egypt nor mighty Lydia, nor the Parthian tribes, nor Median Hydaspes, show such homage to their king. Il est aussi dans les prés une fleur, que les cultivateurs ont nommée amelle, et qui est une plante facile à trouver car d'une seule motte elle pousse une énorme forêt de tiges, et la fleur est d'or, tandis que, sur les pétales nombreux qui l'environnent, brille faiblement l'éclat de la violette noire. But her sister band of Dryads filled the mountaintops with their cries; the towers of Rhodope wept, and the Pangaean heights, and the martial land [Thrace] or Rhesus, the Getae and Hebrus and Orithyia, Acte’s child. [294] First I decree that the sheep crop the herbage in soft pens, till leafy summer soon returns, and that you strew the hard ground beneath them with straw and handfuls of fern, lest the chill ice harm the tender block, bringing scab and unsightly foot rot. Love leads them over Gargarus and over the roaring Ascanius; they scale mountains, they swim rivers. For neither might the hides be used, nor could one cleanse the flesh by water or master it by fire. Such are the signs they yield before death in the first days; but as in its course the sickness grows fierce, then the eyes blaze, the breath is drawn deep – at times laden with moans – their utmost flanks are strained with long-drawn sobs, black blood gushes from the nostrils, and the rough tongue chokes the blockaded throat. At no other season does the lioness forget her cubs, or prowl over the plains more fierce; never does the shapeless bear spread death and havoc so widely through the forest; then savage is the boar, then most fell the tigress. No less, meanwhile, does the snow fill the sky; the cattle perish, the oxen’s great frames stand sheathed in frost, the deer in crowded herd are numb under the strange mass and above scarce rise the tips of their horns. Sadly goes the ploughman, unyokes the steer that sorrows for his brother’s death, and amid its half-done task leaves the share rooted fast. Mais si elles sortent pour livrer bataille (car souvent la discorde s'élève entre deux rois et provoque un grand trouble) on peut tout de suite prévoir de loin les sentiments de la foule [4,70] et l'ardeur belliqueuse qui agite les coeurs : l'éclat martial de l'airain gourmande les attardées, et une voix se fait entendre, imitant les accents saccadés des trompettes; puis elles se rassemblent, tumultueuses, font palpiter leurs ailes, aiguisent leurs dards avec leurs trompes, assouplissent leurs membres, et serrées autour de leur roi et juste devant le prétoire, elles se mêlent et provoquent l'ennemi à grands cris. Every tribe of cattle, tame or wild, it swept to death; it poisoned the lakes, it tainted the pastures with venom. What milk they drew at sunrise of day, they press into cheese at night; what they drew at night or sunset, they press at dawn: they ship it in baskets which a shepherd takes to town, or else they salt it sparingly and put it by for the winter. In those days I, Virgil, was nursed by sweet Parthenope [the Siren of Naples], and rejoiced in the arts of inglorious ease – I who toyed with shepherds’ songs, and, in youth’s boldness, sang of you, Tityrus, under the canopy of spreading beech. This work consists of two thousand lines of poetry on the subject of agriculture, with patriotic overtones and rich mythological allusions. AENEID. Mais qu'il y ait là de limpides fontaines, des étangs verts de mousse, et un petit ruisseau fuyant parmi le gazon; [4,20] qu'un palmier ou un grand olivier sauvage donne de l'ombre à leur vestibule. A ces mots le devin, avec une grande violence, [4,450] roula enfin ses yeux qu'enflammait une lueur glauque, et, avec un profond grincement de dents, ouvrit la bouche pour l'oracle suivant : Révélation de Protée; Aristée a causé sans le vouloir la mort d'Eurydice; Orphée, son époux, est descendu aux enfrs et l'a ramenée; mais, oubliant la condition imposée, il s'est retourné vers elle; Eurydice aussitôt s'est évanouie dans les ténèbres infernales; Orphée inconsolable a péri, déchiré par les femmes qu'il méprisait [4,453-527]. Les possibilités de cette réalisation \"Hypertextes\" sont multiples; non seulement elle permet une lecture de l'oeuvre avec le texte latin et la traduction française en regard, mais elle donne également accès à un riche ensemble d'outils lexicographiques et statistiques très performants. Commentary: Several comments have been posted about The Georgics. Ce présage le rassure, et d'elle-même elle commence ainsi : Celle-ci lui conseilla de consulter Protée [4,387-414], Avec l'assistance de sa mère, Aristée réussit à saisir le dieu et à le faire parler [4,415-452]. Va donc, en suppliant, leur porter des offrandes, leur demandant la paix, et vénère les Napées indulgentes : ainsi, te pardonnant, elles exauceront tes voeux, et apaiseront leurs ressentiments. Nay, if any man donned the loathsome garb, feverish blisters and foul sweat would run along his fetid limbs, and he had not long to wait before the accursed fire was feeding on his stricken limbs. [4,170] Ainsi, quand les Cyclopes se hâtent de forger les foudres avec des blocs malléables, les uns, armés de soufflets en peau de taureaux, reçoivent et restituent les souffles de l'air; les autres plongent dans un bassin l'airain qui siffle; l'Etna gémit sous le poids des enclumes ; eux lèvent de toutes leurs forces et laissent retomber leurs bras en cadence, et, avec la tenaille mordante, tournent et retournent le fer; de même, s'il est permis de comparer les petites choses aux grandes, les abeilles de Cécrops sont tourmentées d'un désir inné d'amasser, chacune dans son emploi.

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